Second Chances

 As my relationship with Angel has faded away, I’m left to contemplate the nature of second chances. We gave each other an opportunity to try again after our first go-round was cut short, and I’m grateful to have learned that elusive what-might-have-been even if the answer remained not-meant-to-be. And that’s my inevitable conclusion about second chances: if something was meant to be, it would’ve taken off and worked the first time.

I’ve given and gotten more than my fair share of second chances in life. My marriage suffered affairs and separations, but we gave each other second chances, and were rewarded with many extra good years and a few more wonderful children, until our chemistry finally ran out of catalyst, and we were left without any epoxy to keep us together.

My soul-mate, Cecy, gave me a fairy-tale second chance decades after I let her down the first time. Of course, I failed her again, trying to do the right thing for the wrong reasons, which is never the right thing to do. I should have had courage and listened to my heart! We love each other dearly, but there will be no third chances from her, and rightly so.

Are there any other second chances for me? Perhaps with my California dream girl? Anyone I failed to mention? C’mon, what did I just say about things that didn’t work the first time? No, I think I’ve already had more than my fair share of second chances.

I’m just going take it easy, catch my breath and recover from Angel, enjoy my life and have a little fun. Going to keep working on being a better dad, a better man, and getting my act together. If I’m lucky, a fine new chance may come along. It would be nice to be ready for her.




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2 responses to “Second Chances

  1. Very interesting and insightful post!
    The same “2nd Chances” as you wrote is true with careers/jobs and other areas of our lives as well!
    Having the opportunity to “Do Over” the light finally goes off why it didn’t last the 1st time.
    Nostalgia! Some would say Toxic Nostalgia.
    The late Dr. David Viscott explored the topic in his book, Emotional Resilience. .

  2. Liked the blog about second chances… keep writing!

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