Pre-Challenge warm-up

I signed up for a 30-day June blog challenge with a writing group I ostensibly belong to. Starting a day early to try do get back in the flow.

Didn’t have to do any blog clean-up, other than blowing off a few cobwebs. All the muse posts were made private after our psycho little feud. Wicked girl has since reinvented herself for the better, including reaching out to make peace with me, if only to demonstrate her superiority, and I’m okay with that. All my California posts were private at the request of the reclusive Dream Girl. Not much after that since I decided I wasn’t really a writer after all. Merely a wannabe. Writer’s write, and I don’t. Writer’s are driven to express themselves. I’m lazy.

Dream girl wasn’t really into me, nor was she impressed with my writing, but it was scary what an insatiable appetite she had to read every little thing I wrote. Hacking my laptop, snooping through my text messages, going through my notebooks. Driven by curiosity. In a nutshell, isn’t that writing boils down to? Finding readers who care about I have to say, who can’t get enough, who want more.

I too like to read. There are authors I follow, like John Grisham, and especially Tom Clancy, whom I consider to be horrible writers. I’ve cringed my way through every flawed page, telling myself if hacks like these can be successful, I too have a chance. The underlying truth of the matter is, that despite their flaws, they are storytellers at heart, and possess the ability to make a reader want to turn the page and see what happens next. But being a critical reader doesn’t necessarily make one a writer. Better writing can be taught, but natural storytelling ability is a gift. I’m not a natural, but let my simple goal be to figure out what happens next, and write it down. Maybe someone will want to turn the page, maybe they won’t.

I used to have a boring life, and believed I had no interesting material worth writing about. This no longer seems true. I’ve now had my share of adventures and hardships, and have interacted with some fascinating people along the way. I have material, what will I make with it?



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6 responses to “Pre-Challenge warm-up

  1. Michael Fishman

    Hi, I’m from the Writer Power! group and I’m looking forward to finding out what you’ll be doing with that material.

  2. From one writer wanna be to another, nice to meet you!

    Renae aka Auntynae

  3. I look forward to turning the next page to see what will happen. Good luck during this challenge.

  4. Perhaps nearly everyone has a bit wannabe writer inside of them! Procrastination is the enemy!

  5. The Wicked Pen

    Well, you have have plenty to write about now. I am also glad that you claimed our feud as “ours” it seems that we both had something invested there. Anyway, no worries, I think we found our happy medium, and the medium is the written word and friendship. I am not superior to anyone. I feel more flawed than I did 2 years ago. I think we will both figure this life out eventually?

    • I watched the sunrise from the deck with my caramel latte, appreciating the calm and coolness of a new morning.

      I’d rather let a sleeping feud dog lie than try to understand it. Peace and harmony above all else.

      I do not mean superiority in a bad way. I’m proud of you, happy for you, admire and respect you. You know the expression “the best revenge is a good life?” You have embarked on a good life, but I think some part of you needed to validate your winning by showing and sharing. Of course I’m eating my heart out! Who wouldn’t?

      Include loving you from afar in that happy medium.

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