Fridge Magnets

In regards to my writing group’s blog challenge, I’m rather curious about everyone else’s blog, but I’m holding off on taking a look for now. I wish to set my own tone without being unduly influenced by other work. No worries about too little or too much, too personal or too glib. Furthermore, I’m too easily intimidated by the prowess of other’s superior talent. Why further pollute the Internet with my blather when someone infinitelly more articulate can convey a similar viewpoint much more effectively?

I’m good at glib. My best writing consists of pithy smartass comments on Facebook posts. In my mind’s eye, my alter-ego would have a job writing advertising quips, or punch-lines for talk show hosts. All the while, scuffling along with a ragtag effort at the great american novel. Instead of an uneven stack of typwritten pages in the bottom desk drawer, a few scattered flash drives at the back of the junk drawer. Watch out for those fridge magnets!



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3 responses to “Fridge Magnets

  1. My opinion and yes I know they are much like smelly places that everyone has. Don’t hold back. Look, take what works for you. The highest form of flattery is to copy someone. Maybe not their exact words, but style and ideas. I have and I will.

    I have read (please don’t ask me where as I can’t quote that) that writing isn’t just writing, it is reading, studying others who have been successful and taking from them what works for you. Quite a few writers have tried to mimic other writer’s style. Doing so doesn’t work 100 percent because you aren’t them, but trying to teaches the writer.

    Eventually we all find something that works for us, unless we give up.

    I say write, explore, try different things. You may surprise yourself in just how good you really are.

    Write on!

  2. Misi

    First blog I could relate to in regards to one true blog challenge! I absolutely can relate in the means of deciding what to put in my own writings. In the beginning, I read through a few…and the novella style I continued to come across seemed to weaken my motivation. How do I compare? Though I pondered using some of my fictional idea to create a synopsis of stories here and there…I opted to do as it seems you have done. It is “ME” (albeit not too personal as of yet) that I choose to display for others to read, rather than random creations. Not to mock those who do, whatsoever!! It’s just truly nice to read someone else out here had the same hindering’s as I did! Let’s just keep it up and enjoy this! After all…if it’s not fun for us…what’s the point, right?! 😉

  3. Hey, it takes a very special skill and talent to write for fridge magnets (not to mention fortune cookies, humorous greeting cards, twitter and facebook entries). It’s the wave of the future, and you’re riding it well.

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