Gets me every time.

It was kind of throw-away weekend, bothered by a toothache, fighting a MRSA infection, stressed by problems, and exhausted.

Saturday, I helped Angel’s first-born daughter Elle and ex-husband #1 retrieve some furniture from storage for Elle’s first apartment at college. Elle is on the fast-track to success, following in her mother’s early footsteps. First year, and already selected for a coveted research internship. She is destined to perhaps cure cancer someday. How much of Elle’s progress can be credited to Angel, and how much is in spite of Angel?

Then I drove my daughter Dana to her mother’s for the weekend, also bringing Angel’s daughter #2, Hell-girl, to ex-husband #2 for the weekend as well. I get along well with both ex-husbands, having in common collective sighs and knowing eye-rolling over Angel’s trials and tribulations.

Hell-girl is a handful, having been passed, unwanted, from parent to parent, to foster care, and soon slated for a group-home. During her intermittent stays with us, the police have been summoned multiple times for vandalism and assault, including her slamming my hand in a patio door. Her relationship with her mother is extreme love/hate. She has somehow gone from hating me to grudging respect. And when she learned I would be moving out, she begged me to stay, telling me I’ve been more of a father to her than her own father. Truth is, though, I have as little influence on hell-girl as I do on her train-wreck mother.

I crashed at the farm, barren and desolate without my father’s life force. Not to mention empty refrigerator and cupboards thanks to overly zealous cleaning by siblings. Wasted most of the weekend watching sports and playing online poker. Recuperating. Poker is my nemesis, but it soothes me.

Spent time at the park with Dana and Laura, planning our visitations and sleepovers around summer school and vacation. My mood improved remarkably driving back to St Cloud with Dana and a beautiful sunset.

Caught one of my favorite movies on cable, “A Man and A Woman,” a 1966 french classic with sub-titles. It has it all, the vintage race cars, falling in love, unforgettable music. If I’m not mistaken, the musical theme has even been sampled in recent hiphop. The scene at the end of the movie with the camera swirling around the embracing couple in the train station is a cinematic classic. It gets me every time.



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2 responses to “Gets me every time.

  1. I hope you find peace and happiness. It sounds like you have had a bit of a rough time of late. I hope things improve and you find a situation that works for you.

    Wishing the best for you.

  2. Able to get along with 2 exs? Awesome!
    Enjoyed your post!

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