Excuses, Excuses

I totally failed at the 30-day blog challenge.

Have a bunch of lousy excuses:

  • Lost another job.
  • Lost my girlfriend. (Relapse, infidelity, insanity, hostility.)
  • Lost my apartment. (Due to above.)
  • Lost my transportation. (Death wagen finally died.)
  • Lost my anchor. (Dad’s tragic demise.)
  • Lost my family. (Due to typical estate greed and distrust.)
  • Lost my good health. (Staph infection.)
  • Lost two teeth. (And no dental insurance.)
  • Lost hope. (Situational depression is still depression.)
  • Relapse of my own. (Compulsive gambling.)

A friend’s recent blog spoke about her ex hiding his troubles. She could’ve been talking about me. My head has been buried in the sand. Withdrawing. Escaping. Deflecting. Avoiding. Neglecting.

I’m not going to fix my life overnight, but there’s no excuse not to have a little fun with it by sharing my trevails. Every above setback has one or more stories behind it. So, a little more bloggin and a little less poker can’t hurt, might help.



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3 responses to “Excuses, Excuses

  1. The Wicked Pen

    It has to get better, right? Please tell me it does. Even if it is a big fat lie.

    • I’ve already turned the corner. As cathartic as writing about my troubles may be, the first step even before that is to embrace the humor in things, to look in the mirror and have a good laugh at my own expense. I know I’ve been a fool to believe love conquers all, as if love could prevent a train wreck. No, we are all just along for the ride. Which I find amusing.

      • The Wicked Pen

        Sometimes the love we need to conquer is self love or the love of our kids. Like the tattoo says.. “Amor Vincit Omnia” my dear friend. I believe love conquers all.

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