Yesterday went to hell, and I’m heading out of town for the weekend, so once again, no work on my story.

But I did google in quotes “did we do it” and multiple variations thereof. Most hits were proceeded by why or how, which were of no interest to me, but wading down I found some interesting results. Some troublesome, some amusing. This is my favorite: Someone Else – a short story by Karen D Fishler – Infinity Plus
Why did you violate me and duplicate me, you monster, except to make a substitute — “. And suddenly she had flown at him and was hitting him and screaming at …

What is my fascination with no-sex-sleeping-together, i.e. cuddle buddies? I figured it out, and I think it goes way back to when former-wife (FW) and I met. She asked for a sleepover, just to cuddle. I’m pretty shy and non-aggressive and eventually fell asleep after finding limits, hand on boob ok, hand anywhere else not ok, and deciding it was just a snuggle event. But I awoke in the middle of the night to find her naked, all over me, and horny as hell. How we got our start. She later admitted this was her m.o. with guys who moved too slow, weren’t forward enough. A female passive-aggressive date rape wannabe. If a guy was like this, he would be regarded as a creep. On a sexy blue-eyed blond hottie, it’s a charming double standard.

I have since had a few other snuggle sleepovers, on camping trips and elsewhere, but none of them have materialized into anything more. But there’s always hope, and my fascination persists.

I took the Miata down to Montgomery to pick up the rig so Diedre and I could start moving our stuff over to the new house. I had made some measurements, and thought I could squeeze the Miata in and save a trip. Hours spent rearranging, hampered by dead electrics for the hoist and winch, I couldn’t make the Miata fit and had to leave it there.

I don’t believe in any of that paranormal crap. But every time I made a sloppy or grinding shift (driving a 10-speed Eaton is tricky because you don’t use the clutch and have to match revs) it’s almost like I could sense, not hear, my dead old man grumbling behind me. And the curtain to the back billowing in the wind behind me compounded the sensation someone was there.

On the drive up to St Cloud the exhaust broke. Truck was obnoxiously loud, but I decided to finish the trip and fix it in St Cloud. Less than 5 miles later the air brakes failed and the truck skidded to a stop on the shoulder. Air brake default is brakes locked up, which is why you see so many semi truck skid marks to freeway shoulders.

Stranded again. A month or so back, it stuck me on a lonely dirt road with fuel starvation during a storm. Next morning, I found myself changing fuel filters, crawling in mud underneath the truck to get to one, but avoiding an expensive tow. It might not be haunted by the ghost of my father, who was killed by the tailgate falling on him, but I’m thinking it’s at least cursed by his shoddy maintenance.

I know, I know, don’t speak ill of the dead.

Had to inconvenience family to get a ride to Montgomery to get the Miata. Lot of phone work to find towing capable of moving rig. I did learn a lot about procedures for releasing locked up air brakes. Education value alone made $300 towing charge slightly more palatable. Found a local truck shop I had passing knowledge of to have rig dropped at. Simple repairs, so I’m hoping they don’t gouge me too much.

Didn’t get home until 2:00am. But I’m headed to Wisconsin with friends this weekend for Door County century. Host is right on Lake Michigan, which will be nice. Having fun adventures like this makes up for a lot life”s daily struggles. Only drawback is their insistence I wear cheesehead wedge for Packers game. Good luck with that.


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