I am without my iPad. Very difficult to write on my piece-of-shit phone.

I misplaced it in Wisconsin along with my keys and checkbook. Pit-of-the-stomach dread until I was able to get home, access my daughters Mac, figure out my iCloud username and password, and use Apple’s awesome “find my device” feature to trace it. You can only imagine my sense of relief to see that blinking blue dot appear in friendly territory. Everything is being shipped back to me as we speak.

Until that minor bit of drama due to my own carelessness, it was an awesome weekend. Went to the Door County century ride with my friend Marco, and stayed at his dad’s house on Lake Michigan. Jogging on the beach, exploring the area, dining out, and making friends.

I’ve had a lot of nice rides this year, but I think this one was the best. Not only was the weather ideal for riding, the scenery was spectacular, and for once, I was able to do a 100-miler with a group. Usually, I’m living up to my “lone wolf” nickname by ending up solo on longer rides…

[got my iPad back, should finish this week-old post, but no longer fresh in my mind, just gonna wrap it up.]

Lone wolf due to my own fault, nobody else to blame. Higher priority on finishing due to botched 1st century helping others. Higher priority on my time due to fitness tracking. Impatience with long rest stops concerned with stiffening up.

This time different. Very equally matched riding partners. Marco slower and me faster? Marco’s friend Mike did the 70 route instead of the 100, but his girlfriend Robin rode with us, and she was strong and tough. I was able to prod Marco into shorter stops and on my end was more patient. Balance and compromise goes a long way to producing a great ride.

Post-ride dinner and beers and watching Packers game on big screen in cavernous hall. Good times. Fell asleep after getting back to house and missed goodbyes with Mike & Robin. Next morning leaving, realized probably never see her again.

How do I explain this?…I liked her a lot. As a person and as a riding partner, and a potential friend. She is attractive, intelligent, and personable, and would be the ideal girlfriend, but unlike my typical horn dog self, this is not my primary interest. There are boundaries in life, and due to my friendship with Marco and now Mike, she is 100% off-limits. It’s a given. But still a rueful sigh.

When I returned home there was email waiting from her. All very innocent group mail addressed to all of us, including her boyfriend: “Marko, thanks so much for letting us stay at your Dad’s. Please pass along our thanks. It was a beautiful day for a ride. Bobby, I really enjoyed meeting you and the ride together. Hopefully we can bike together again sometime soon.”

I didn’t know what to think. On the surface, it was all very above-board and innocent. Which is how I am going to officially regard it. On the other hand, a small part of me thought she likes me back, and was being rather clever in how she’s trying to keep the connection open.

Awkward ditz I am couldn’t decide whether to respond via group mail or just to her, much less what to say. And now the moment has passed. Sometimes being socially inept is geeky cool, other times it just plain sucks.

So, forget it. Life is easier and safer sticking with my existing one-sided unrequited deal. Why create more messes?


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