If I Ever Love Again

Since people have switched to iPods and downloaded music, I’ve been buying up obsolete CDs at garage sales and “friends of the library” stores for as little as 10 cents each. Diedre and I have been listening through this large collection, deciding which ones to put in the car for driving music, to upload to our iPods, or set aside for art projects.

It’s an interesting exploration, to listen to different genres I wouldn’t normally choose, and artists I’ve never heard of. There have been some real gems hidden among the riff-raff. Even the less stellar albums have a catchy track or two.

Today, I played a Curtis Wright album from 1992. I don’t know much about country music, but I guess I’d describe it as having a “Nashville” sound. I would like to share some lyrics from “If I Ever Love Again,” (copyright Curtis Wright / Billy Spencer.)

“…But if I ever love again
I know one things for sure
If I ever love again
It won’t be like before
Cause losing you’s the price I’ve paid
To learn that love is only made to give
If I ever love again

When I think about the man I used to be
It’s no wonder that you just gave up on me
But standing here today
I just want to say
It’s my belief in what we had that finally set me free…

…If I ever love again, I tell you honestly
I’ll do my best to love her just the way that
you loved me…”

My life as a simple country song about loss and enlightenment! Not maudlin or pathetic. I’m simply in a good place, older and wiser.


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